"Kitchen” is a land’s word. In sailor’s English it is called the “galley”...


Food in a boat it’s very important. It shares both energy and happiness. Boat’s galleys are small and fridges are really tiny, storage space is very limited. For these reasons it takes time to get the most of your cooking aboard. Due to these restrictions, it takes years to learn about doing a good shopping for a sailing trip.


Aboard Narinan I cook most of the time. Because the captain job takes all your time in the day, it is not very normal that a professional skipper cooks for the crew. But I have experienced that everything runs smoother if I do it. When crews arrive I try to explain to them that this is not a service I offer, that it’s a gift, for the crew and the trip. In exchange, I ask to do as little than possible, I ask you to help in everything, cooking, organizing the table, doing the dishes, cleaning the galley, etc… Narinan is very similar to being in a friend’s boat or house, and for me is also very close to be sailing with some friends. This means that as a host, because for me it is home, I will do more than my guests, but I ask everybody to help as much as they would do in a friends boat or house.


If you join us you will find that Narinan’s food is in general very fresh and healthy. Most of the food comes from local markets, free of packaging, and has traveled almost 0 km to arrive to the boat. These almost vegetarian recipes are mixed with very old school fishing boat’s dishes. We also have two or three Spanish style rices and a sort of very local cheeses and aperitifs.


At Narinan you are totally lost if you don’t like onion or tomato, but you can be vegan, vegetarian, or any of this life options, with any problem, you just need to say it in advance.


I wish you join us and come to help in the galley, eat with us, any time soon ;)) !