We will spend next month of September in our favourite place in the Mediterranean Sea. We will do four special trips to Cabrera Island.

 It is an uninhabited islet in the Balearic Islands, off the southern coast of Majorca. It is a National Park. This means that it has the highest level of possible enviromental protection. It is the largest island of the small archipelago that includes the islands of Estells de Fora, L'Imperial, Illa de ses Bledes, Na Redona, Conillera, L'Esponja, Na Plana, Illot Pla, Na Pobra, and Na Foradada.

The park attracts relatively few visitors due to its remoteness. There is no permanent population, but there might be under 30 National Park staff members and other personnel on the islands, like the bar tenders nice couple and a very small police squad. One of the nicest things to do in the island is to share a few drinks and chat with them in the island's so cozy and genuine bar. 

The archipelago has great natural value. Due to its isolation throughout history, it has remained unchanged. The coastal landscape of Cabrera is often considered the best preserved on the Spanish coast, and indeed in all of the Mediterranean. The islands are blanketed by important colonies of seabirds and other endemic species. 

You will need to fly to Palma de Majorca International Airport. We will not spend the whole trip in Cabrera. Before and after being in the park we will be also hopping form one nice spot to another one, along the coat of Majorca Is. 

We will be sailing, doing nice hikes. Also swimminng and doing kayac and paddle surf excursions. We will also be cooking, reading, having nice chats in the boat, and resting...

It is a very nice trip to say goodbye to this summer. Also to disconnect from everything and get full of energy for this next busy and cold autumn and winter.


This are the voyage dates, all of them during September:

· August 30th to September 5th  ...  (Fully booked )

· September 7th to 13th  ...  (Fully booked )

·15th to 21st  ...  (Fully booked )

·23rd to 29th  ...  (Full boat available)


Price: 640 € / ppers* 

* If you would like to join the boat individually, price is 810€ ppers. As soon as you would come with someone to share a cabin, price is 640€ ppers, but if you would have a whole cabin for yourself, it is 810€ ppers.


Please, to know a bit more aboout the boat trips, check the photos from past trips bellow, also the following links:


Summer Tips


For questions and reservations, please contact the boat at:

svnarinan@gmail.com  📡  ⛵️ +34 622 166 702


*Price Includes: Boat rental, captain fees, VAT and insurance.  Price doesn't include: Flights to the boat, food, harbour, fuel, and cleanning expenses.

*Bookings:  Formal booking is a 50% of the trip value fee.