It's better if you come with a soft textile bag, instead of a classic hard trolley valise. Think that your cabin is a small space, when your bag will be empty, there will be more space for you if you can hide it. You only will be able to hide it if its soft and foldable.



Sailñing in the Med during this period of the year can be similar to summer or similar to winter. It depends a lot on how is the weather pattern going to be during for each trip. I'll get in toucg with you two days before so can adjust the wardrobe, but a trip bag would need to follow these guide lines:

I recommend to bring a swim suit, one is enough.

Trousers, you could bring a pair of shorts, but if you would like to save space in your bag, I am sure we will wear long trousers most of the time. Bring confortable trousers. Also leggins for girls or traksuit pants (pantalón chandal) for boys are very useful.


Tops, we will wear two layers most of the time (shirt and a jersey). Sweatshirts or fleeces are very useful in a boat in this time of the year. I would leave thick wool jumpers at home. If I think we would need more than this I will tell you by mail specifically for your trip. But normally sweat shirts and fleeces are enough.


Jackets, bring your outdoors jacket, kind of raincoat, wind breacker, etc. Of course if you have your own sailing gear, bring it. If not, general outdoors equipment will do.



In Spring, Autumn and Winter trips, sailing and trecking could be very much combined. Bring trecking shoes, or at list a pair of sneakers, sport shoes. Normally the trecking shoes are not good for the boat deck, so if you bring them, also bring a pair of senakers or sport shoes for when we are sailing. Of course boat shoes are the best. You don't need to buy them, but bring them if you have them. 


Head light, there are some in the boat, but bring yours if you have one.


Fresh water

If we use water like sailors, we carry water for one week long. The boat has got some special procedures, like we make the dishes with a special salt water tap.  



There is one on board. Fresh water will last if we have a small shower daily. 


Shower gel and shampoo

You'll find it on board, If you want, there's no need to bring it from home.



I recommend you to bring one. 


Linens & Laundry

There are linens on board for every cabin. After every trip I'll take them to the laundry. When expenses are not included in the price, laundry it's not included. It is not a expensive thing when you share it with a 4 or 5 persons crew, but you can bring your own if you would like to. If you do so, remember that minimum with should 150cm. 

For Spring, Autumn and Winter trips, you'll find a warm duvet in your cabin.

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Be aware that night temperature is lower at sea than in the city. Bring a pair of leggins, a sweat shirt, or something similar, to wear for sleeping. 


Sun screen lotion

Bring some, specially for your face.



There are hats for everyone in the boat.

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Table games, cards, etc...

There are cards, dices, and backgammon.