This summer 'Narinan' and me will be again taking people on sea holidays. We will be based in the Balearic Islands from June to September. After three years taking crews across all the Balearic Islands, I have made the choice to spend most of the next season in the exquisite and graceful Menorca Island. But we will start Summer in Ibiza and Formentera Islands, and will finish in Mallorca and Cabrera National Park voyages.

Menorca is the island with more "calas" (small bays away from the crowd), per mile, in the Mediterranean Sea. There are over seventy "calas". Most of them remain unspoilt. The island has a perfect size and shape for sailors. However there is wind from one or other direction, we will always find a nice ideal spot to rest and enjoy. 


We be based at the old Maó harbour, we will meet there. The place is a natural jewel, the biggest natural port in the Mediterranean Sea, second only to Pearl Harbour in the world. Its international airport it's only 5 km away from the boat. It is a very charming place to visit, to meet all crew and boat, and to find and get all the supplies needed before we set up sail towards our sailing adventure. 


We will leave the port at midday. The plan is to go around the island, sailing from one nice spot to another one, during the next 7 days. The idea is to stay off the beaten track, visiting the quieter, not so well known places, and spending as little time as possible in the islands’ harbours. 

A normal day starts by waking up in a unspoilt 'cala'. Probably jumping into the water before anything, or maybe having the nice and healthy 'Narinan''s breakfast before swimming or taking a paddle surf sea walk. 


We usually move daily to another nice spot to spend there another day. Depending on the wind direction, I'll always take you to the best possible place. If you want, you will help to do the sailor's work, helping to set up sails while we go and look for new shelter into another little bay.

No previous sailing experience is needed. We rely on the wind as much as possible. We stay in unspoilt spots as much as possible. We try to disconnect from social media, work, shops, etc, as much as possible. The aim of 'Narinan' is to share the other side of sailing, staying away from the premium and elitist side of boats, keeping it closer to Nature and to more personal growing experiences.

Day by day you'll get to disconnect from everything and leave everything behind. Relying totally on Nature. A sea gypsies life. A t-shirt, a towell, a couple of bathing suits, a book, the sun, the sails, the sand, the sea, living small adventures, that's what's all about during those days. 

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