Sailing Vessel "Narinan" is based in the Mediterranean Sea, between Barcelona and the Balearic Is. Usually I take people on their holidays to any beautiful island.  The project is adressed to nature lovers who would like to have a sailing adventure but who doesn't feel atracted by classic rental agencies. This boat is intended for sailors who would like to have a sea experience under a personal and local run bussines, a warm, cozy and familiar boat rather than large charter agencies, cold and impersonal boats.


No previous sailing experience is needed. We rely on the wind as much as possible. We stay in unspoilt spots as much as possible. We try to disconnect from social media, work, shops, etc, as much as possible. The aim of 'Narinan' is to share the other side of sailing, staying away from the premium and elitist side of boats, keeping it close to Nature and to more personal growing experiences.


The Crew. My name is Kenneth,  I am the owner and skipper of Narinan. I am a professional sailor. Originary from Barcelona, I have sailed and lived in the Balearic islands for more than ten years. I also have some ocean sailing experience, as I have crossed the Atlantic and Indian Oceans several times. I have been a sailing boat's captain for many years. I have worked from fishing boats, to being the captain of a Greenpeace boat for two years.

Three years ago I started this project, with my own boat, 

I live at and for the boat. I enjoy a lot sharing my experiences and passion for sailing, nature, sustainability and sea live. I devote myself to these and to my crews, for them to have the nicest possible experiences, for them to get in touch with Nature as much as possible. It is very urgent to actually start protecting the environment and recovering all the damage we have already done. But you can't protect something you don't love, and you can't love something you don't have contact with. Cities and smartphones are disconnecting us from Nature. How are we supposed to protect it if we have disconnected from it? How are we supposed to love it if we don't live it, if we don't actually see it? I like to take people away from the city, away from screens and shops, it doesn't matter if it's only for a few days. 

I like the very simple things of live. "Do to others as you would have them do to you"